Mollie Marriott – ‘Transformer’ single out now

Already available on iTunes, ‘Transformer’ is a new single from a new artist whose name may be familiar to those of us at a certain age. Mollie Mariott is daughter of old school Small Faces vocalist Steve, the judging by this release, that vocal talent certainly hasn’t skipped a generation.

It’s taken some time for Mollie Marriott to strike out on her own path in the music industry, having spent a lot of time working as a backing vocalist. But as her talent was noticed by those she worked with (including the likes of Noel and Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller and more) it became clear that she was transcending her role in the background.

‘Transformer’ is a debut single and precedes a debut album to come later in the year. On this form it’s one to look forward to.