‘Human, Too Human’ EP out on May 22nd from folk songwriter Chris Hornsby


Promo shoot

Promo shoot

One of those wholly irritating talented people who seem to be able to play every instrument, Chris Hornsby is a singer songwriter who clearly has a deep understanding of how music works. It’s deceptively simple in theory – plug together a rhythm, chord pattern, melody and lyrics and go from there – but the number of dire independent songwriters producing dirge just goes to show how rare it is that someone gets it right.

From the very first, bright, acoustic strum of EP ‘Human, To Human’, you feel in safe hands with Chris Hornsby. Comprising five tracks of wit, heartbreak and tall tales, the EP is a superb introduction to the songwriter if you’ve not heard his previous work.

Over the course of the EP, there are 15 instruments played by Hornsby himself, which may go some way to explaining why it all flows so nicely. These are the songs of an artist who understands where each track is going, how to get there and what it needs.

But, above all, it’s a damn enjoyable listen.





Chris Hornsby – I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You single out now

Originally from the North East of England but now settled in the nation’s capital, Chris Hornsby is a singer-songwriter who clearly understands that, in mixing the sound of an acoustic guitar with some subtle, clean electric work, you can pull a fresh sounding acoustic song into solid existence. Such is the case with debut single ‘I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You’ – something of a pop song with a very comforting, familiar – and high quality – sound.

Accompanied but two excellent B-Side songs that you can hear below, the single is available now (links also below), and demonstrates that there’s a new solo artist on the radar. We look forward to hearing what’s next.

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