The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, ‘Ocean Wave’

MARINES_STD_COVER_NEW.inddTraditional, well drilled and extremely talented, the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines are held in high esteem the world over. It’s something of a musical niche, military bands, but wherever they go you can guarantee there will be people watching – a band who have been existence for hundreds of years, and continue to impress.

In fact, it’s their longevity which prompts this album, celebrating the 350th year of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines and a musical tradition that goes back to the very beginning. They’re a national institution, and this Sony Classical music release reflects that.

It collects together 14 recordings of the band playing various traditional tunes from the British Isles, alongside a host of guests, vocalists and soloists (including the slightly odd choice of ‘Richard and Adam’, a tenor duo came third in series seven of Britain’s Got Talent, to sing ‘We’ll Keep A Welcome’) who do well to keep up and in some cases augment the skill of the main attraction.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who appreciate a good uplifting, stomping march will love it.