New single – ‘One Day’, NuBorg

Once again, NuBorg – the Norwegian singer-songwriter who’s been consistently releasing excellent singles over the course of 2014 – has returned with another cracker.

Quite similar in feel to her excellent (and still my favourite) ‘Sliding Off The Edge Of The World’, ‘One Day’ is a song dripping with atmosphere, somehow ominous in its sound but still genuinely beautiful. NuBorg’s vocal is unusual, tight as opposed to broad, but suits this kind of song really well. Another really enjoyable song – keep them coming!

Shadowqueen – ‘Burning’ single out now

Coming in like a train and only letting up for strategically placed (and very cleverly orchestrated) breakdown sections, ‘Burning’ is heavy but melodic rock from Melbourne based rockers Shadowqueen.

They’ve been compared to the likes of AC DC, The Baby Animals and Queens Of The Stone Age, and from this full impact single it’s not hard to see why. Complete with darkly lilting harmonies for the verses and a full on chorus, this is a proper rock song.

This is their first single since a debut album in 2012, and hopefully there’s plenty more to come .

New artist alert! Lizzie Jane releases new single ‘I Don’t Think So’

Brassy, crass, and all the better for it. That’s arguably the best way to describe this new single from Lizzie Jane – a treatise on the entertainment industry’s vision of how a woman should look to be successful. Jane herself revels in the fact that she doesn’t fit the mould, well aware that – in spite of her obvious, genuine talent – she is unlikely to make it ‘big’.

Instead, she will settle for enjoying her music, very well captured and firing barbs at the deserving heads of entertainment.

You can hear the single here (beware some slightly risque lyrics…) and catch the show live at Jane’s single launch show, at Sound Control in Manchester this Friday (