Travelling on the (You)Tube? Keep an ear out for BigDee

Innovative Italian rocker set to become first live YouTube ‘busker’


Ambitious Italian rock musician BigDee is the unique project of an innovative songwriter, creating a rule bending blend of classic rock and roll and a new model for the music industry.


Having already worked to revolutionise the way we consume music via his innovative subscription scheme – fans, rather than buy albums or singles, pay a one off fee of €10 for a lifetime subscription to all his new music – BigDee is now focussed on changing the way artists use YouTube.


Most artists use YouTube as a way to put their recorded content out there, but BigDee is looking to reward fans all over the world with live, online streaming of acoustic gigs and rehearsals every weekday at 1pm CET (12 mid-day UK) apart from Tuesdays which will be 9pm CET (8pm UK).


Tune in on BigDee’s YouTube channel:


The hour long live show will give fans a weekly glimpse into the music of BigDee, enjoying new songs as soon as they’re written and looking back on older tracks too.


Influenced by timeless rock music from the USA and the UK, BigDee produces top quality original rock and roll music made in Italy. For just a small taste of his classy, and classic, style, check out his track ‘Susan’:



Full of thumping rhythms and crunching guitars, his is the sound of a rock musician working to create truly inspiring new music that is built to be pulled apart and enjoyed time and again. Challenging himself to consistently write new songs that stand the test of time and quality, BigDee is an artist who is always pushing boundaries.


You can sign up to BigDee’s innovative subscription model – €10 for a lifetime subscription to all his new music – here:


Finding no use for the traditional (read: old) forms of promotion, BigDee instead relies on word of mouth to bring people to his web pages, and encourages people to simply enjoy the music before subscribing forever with a one-off fee.


It’s an approach that is definitely working. With support from radio in Italy and the US, BigDee is now looking to bring his industry expanding ideas to the UK. Check out the websites below, and subscribe to BigDee now – your reward will be regular doses of traditional rock and roll.



Official site:

Facebook Page:


Chris Hornsby – I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You single out now

Originally from the North East of England but now settled in the nation’s capital, Chris Hornsby is a singer-songwriter who clearly understands that, in mixing the sound of an acoustic guitar with some subtle, clean electric work, you can pull a fresh sounding acoustic song into solid existence. Such is the case with debut single ‘I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You’ – something of a pop song with a very comforting, familiar – and high quality – sound.

Accompanied but two excellent B-Side songs that you can hear below, the single is available now (links also below), and demonstrates that there’s a new solo artist on the radar. We look forward to hearing what’s next.

Buy on iTunes or Amazon

Emily Wells – Darlin’ (Acoustic)

Darlin’ gives a beautiful glimpse of what to expect from forthcoming album ‘Mama’, which combines subtle hip-hop inflections and wide-ranging sounds with Emily’s distinctive feline vocals, creating a record that is simultaneously light & delicate with a bold punch of personality.

Contrasting with the heavy layering and electronics of the original, the European version of ‘Mama’ sees Wells re-imagining the entire record acoustically for a second disc and mirror version. These fresh renditions of an already unique record are stunningly austere, recorded solely with voice and guitar. Emily Wells has stripped off her own armour, leaving only her crystalline voice and equally unambiguous songwriting on display.

From the start of her career, Wells’ musical interests were simply too wide ranging for just one instrument. Trained as a classical violinist, the Texan soon created her own sonic “spaceship,” an ever-growing pulsating arsenal of synthesizers, effects pedals and toy instruments, all tied together with live sampling. This is a musician whose live show is diverse, distinctive, and utterly her own – a performance not to be missed.

Merchandise – Little Killer (Official Video)

Merchandise have just announced from their website that their new album, After The End, will be released on 4AD on August 25th.

Like their albums before them, After The End was recorded and produced by the band, this time over a six-month period in the house they share in Tampa. A real achievement in showing what bands can achieve themselves, the only outside influence came when they enlisted mixing help from Gareth Jones – the man famed for his work with Tuxedomoon, Depeche Mode’s Berlin Trilogy of Construction Time Again, Some Great Reward, and Black Celebration, and more recently Interpol, These New Puritans and Grizzly Bear.

Speaking to the NME earlier this year, Carson Cox said “(Our last album) Totale Nite was the end of the book. This is a whole new one. It’s like we can start a new band with basically the same name. We’ve already exploded our reality – now we’re going to re-make ourselves as a pop band, but it’ll still be a twisted reality.” He’s kept to his word with the album being made up of ten tracks spread across a mean 45 minutes. The album can now be pre-ordered from iTunes / 4AD